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iClass Gurgaon Placement Benefits

  • Centralized Placement Support
  • 100% Placement Support
  • Placement Portal
  • Resume Preperation
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Mock Interviews
  • Interview Job Alerts
  • More than 1000+ Companies
  • Placement across India


iClass Gurgaon Reviews

Madhushri on 2021-Sep-08
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
iClass Training Gurgaon in Gurgaon provides a very good teaching of all concepts of CCNP Wireless from the basics. This Sector 22 centre also helps students to have hands on experience on all platforms. It is a great institute committed to high quality services.

Aishwarya on 2021-Sep-03
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
Hey guys this is Aishwarya from Gurgaon. I completed NPM (Node.js Package Manager) course from iClass Training Gurgaon . Very well environment for study and best institute for ever.

Shamita on 2021-Sep-02
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
I had a very good experience with iClass Training Gurgaon training institute Gurgaon. The people are so friendly and professional. They understand your needs. Best place to start the career as MCITP certification in Sector 23A centre.

Salila on 2021-Sep-01
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
I Completed my Cisco Certified Network Associate training in Sector 5 at iClass Training Gurgaon. My trainer taught me all concepts in a good manner, He clearing all my doubts session in a spot so easy to understand the all Cisco Certified Network Associate concepts.iClass Training Gurgaon is the best in Gurgaon.

Phalgun on 2021-Sep-01
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
i gained Apache Storm knwoledge through iClass Training Gurgaon and working independently on Apache Storm without much support.Thank Phalgun

Yashasvini on 2021-Aug-29
5 Star Rating: Excellent Rating: 5/5
we had excellent trainer for JUnit Online and superb lab facilities, we always recommend iClass Training Gurgaon institute for JUnit Online training in Gurgaon.

Kamalesh on 2021-Aug-28
5 Star Rating: Excellent Rating: 5/5
My 3d Movie Maker training in xvrcarea experience was quite good and trainer has comprehensive knowledge of 3d Movie Maker course concepts. The sessions were interactive and informative and concepts are explained in detail.Thanks to iClass Training Gurgaon in Gurgaon.

Kapil Dev on 2021-Aug-27
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
Hi am from Gurgaon. Institute quality is so good. Enviroment is very good and well facilated.

Aatreya on 2021-Aug-27
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
I am fully satisfied with Board Bringup at iClass Training Gurgaon in Sector 27 from Gurgaon. They delivered what they had promised. I had enrolled in their Board Bringup . Practice tests and course material are simply awesome. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and had rich experience in the related field.

Raksha on 2021-Aug-27
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
I got the training on No SQL from here. After coming here I donot have clear concept on No SQL, but now I can go for the project also , thans to Institute


Placement Training Support

Enquiry : +91 9672234513

Enquiry : +91 9672234514


Placement Training in Gurgaon - 100% Placement Assistance

iClass Gurgaon offers more than 45 training courses with 100% placement support in gurgaon. We focused on Job oriented training programs which helps our students to get a job as soon as they complete our placement trainings in gurgaon. Through our associated Network and support from InterviewDesk, we have placement more than 1200 students so far with 84% placement success rate. Our training programs and course contents are designed such a way to achieve every student's career goal. With strong presence across India and dedicated team of Placement support professionals we are able to achieve the high placement suceess rate when compared with any other training provider.

Technical Training + Soft Skills

soft skills training in gurgaon

Our training programs are focused on building our students expertise in technical skills as well as soft skills like communication, presentation skills, Interviewing skills, Team work skills and Complete personality development. We have set Soft Skill training as mandatory aspect for our students to go through as part of their training programs.

Resume Preparation

Resume Preparation Training & placement in gurgaon

We strongly believe that Resume should speak first. For all our students, with the support of our real-time trainers, every resume is written to get shortlisted in employer companies. We spend considerable amount of time and effort to draft our students resumes in a better to make it more presentable manner..

Mock Interviews

Mock Interview Training & placement in gurgaon

With the Support of Our industry experienced trainers and the industry professional network, we organize 3-5 mock interviews for every student to aware their strengths and weakness. The mock interviews include HR round, Technical round, Management Round with complete evaluation technical, communication, behavioral skills.

Real time Projects

Real Time training gurgaon

Our training programs include real time projects experience which will be shared our real time trainers working on the major projects from server administration, Banking, Telecom, E-commerce, Manufacturing industry experience. Students will get hands on experience with industry standards to face the interviews confidently. Certification

iClass Gurgaon Partnership with

We have associated with, an independent skill assessment and score certification organization which evaluates our training students knowledge level in all aspects and provides industry recognized certification.

Placement Support Companies - Partial List

iClass Gurgaon associated Placement Companies List

Student Placement Record in Gurgaon - List as on 20-Sep-2021 (Updated Monthly)

Training CourseTraining LocationNo. of Students Placed
TeamCity Gurgaon508
Real-Time Operating Systems RTOS Gurgaon510
Quality Control Gurgaon520
Ansys Fluent Gurgaon530
3d Movie Maker Gurgaon538
Apache Storm Gurgaon540
Ansys Gurgaon546
Digital Animation Gurgaon554
After Effects animation Gurgaon560
CCNP Security Gurgaon562
Mean Stack Gurgaon570
KnockoutJS Gurgaon578
Apache Cordova Gurgaon578
Juniper Gurgaon582
CCNP voice Gurgaon582
Accounting Gurgaon587
BitBucket Gurgaon592
3Ds Max Gurgaon597
liferay Devloper & administrator Gurgaon614
Gradle Gurgaon622
NetBeans Gurgaon629
Aladdin 4D Gurgaon631
APICS CSCP Gurgaon631
Android Hacking Gurgaon635
Oracle Apps DBA Gurgaon637
Oracle Hyperion FDQM Gurgaon637
CCNP Service Provider Gurgaon637
Artifactory Gurgaon642
Hyperion DFM Gurgaon643
Oracle ODI Gurgaon644
DevOps Gurgaon645
Whiteboard Animation Gurgaon648
AC3D 3D modeling Gurgaon652
Internal Quality Auditor Gurgaon655
Adobe Gurgaon659
Backbone JS Gurgaon664
Verilog Gurgaon668
Oracle OAF Gurgaon669
Total Quality Management System (TQM) Gurgaon671
IntelliJ Gurgaon672
Hevacomp Mechanical Designer Gurgaon674
Advanced C C++ Gurgaon675
Gherkin Gurgaon679
APIgee Gurgaon681
ClearQuest Gurgaon686
Air hostess Gurgaon687
Moodle Gurgaon695
Apache Splunk Gurgaon700
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Gurgaon711
KVM Virtualization Gurgaon714
Spark SQL Gurgaon715
4D Animation Gurgaon722
Cad Pro E Gurgaon726
Apache Ambari Gurgaon727
E-Filing Gurgaon727
ORACLE EBS Gurgaon733
VHDL Gurgaon737
Kaizen Gurgaon738
VLSI Physical Verification Gurgaon739
Mockito Gurgaon740
OKTA Gurgaon755
Alfresco Gurgaon759
TestNG Gurgaon759
Apache Mahout Gurgaon761